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Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Knowledge Tours

The Neckarinsel is our starting point for discovering the Neckar. Learn more about the island and the river and its many functions - as a habitat, shipping route, receiving water and much more. Get to know us and the Neckar on a knowledge tour. Always from 3 pm.

Perspectives Tours

Many different groups and people are involved with water and the Neckar. Residents, artists, boatmen, sewage treatment plant employees - they all have different knowledge and relationships to the river. Come to a Perspectives Sunday and get to know the different perspectives on the Neckar. Always from 3 pm.


We want to share knowledge about water, rivers and cities.

We'd like to get to know new perspectives on the river.

Knowledge Basis

During the walking tours, we impart all our knowledge about the Neckar and the water in the city

Knowledge Pool


Johanna K., Carmen

Participation / Collaboration

You are interested in a knowledge walk for your group or school class? Just write us