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About us

We are an interdisciplinary initiative with the goal of helping to shape the future of a liveable city on the river. By designing and opening up the Neckar Island, we invite everyone to become part of this transformation.

Sonja Schwarz
Sonja Schwarz – Grafikdesignerin
Lea Tiedemann
Lea Tiedemann – Studentin Architektur
Sara Köhle
Sara Köhle – Illustratorin
Simon Wiertz
Simon Wiertz – Ingenieur
Linda Wagner
Linda Wagner – Architektin
Dagmar Staiger
Dagmar Staiger – Restauratorin
Hanna Knoop
Hanna Knoop – Kunstvermittlerin
Lucie Van Zyl
Lucie Van Zyl – Architekturstudentin
Mara Fathy
Mara Fathy – Architekturstudentin
Johannes Karger
Johannes Karger – Studium Architektur und Städtebau
Wiebke Stadtlander
Wiebke Stadtlander – Schreinerin, Architekturstudentin
Julia Burghardt
Julia Burghardt – Planung und Teilhabe
Mahnaz Shahriyari
Mahnaz Shahriyari – Studentin Architektur und Stadtplanung
Ameilie Hübner
Ameilie Hübner
Christoph Hauf


In Stuttgart, we see the unused potential of the Neckar as a habitat and ecosystem. By opening up the Neckar Island, we want to bring the river back into people's awareness and create a place for exchange, education and experience for the city on the water.
Our long-term goal is a cooperative, sustainable and radically positive redesign of the Neckar in Stuttgart. Different formats for young and old, neighbours and river enthusiasts, experts and interested people offer access to the river for everyone. A place of knowledge transfer and production is being created with a diverse range of offers: Guided tours of the island, a public a public measuring station to check the water quality, an island week with lectures and workshops. In order to strengthen a change of perspective on how we deal with water as a resource and life on the river, various cooperations from education, art and science form the basis for a water laboratory on the Neckar.



• for all interested people
• voluntary commitment
• regular exchange
• knowledge collection

You would like to actively participate or are interested in the Neckar? - Volunteer work forms the basis of the project. Within the framework of the Neckar Island, everyone can discover their own curiosity and desire for the river and actively help shape formats. We meet regularly as a team to move from planning and thinking to doing and experimenting together. We want to constantly grow our pool of knowledge on the topic of water and the river.


• Co-operations and synergies on the Neckar
• knowledge exchange
• e.g. for teaching institutions / cultural institutions / research projects

Are you already active on the Neckar in one way or another, e.g. as a neighbour, planner or with another initiative? Do you see the potential for cooperation with your teaching institution, cultural institution, initiative, research project, etc.? Or do you have an idea of how your thesis can become part of the Neckar Island project? We see our goal in uniting and networking interests around the river and would like to enter into an exchange with you in order to find synergies together.


• Support through donations

You also wish for the city on the river and want to support voluntary work? We are happy to receive donations for the Neckar Island and the projects taking place there. If you would like to support something specific, please contact us.

We look forward to your mail.


Our initiative is funded as a pilot project of the "Post-Corona City" by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction (BMWSB) and the Federal Ministry for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) until 2024 as part of the National Urban Development Policy funding programme. Within this framework, we are cooperating with the Federal Shipping Department, the Verband Region Stuttgart and the IBA'27. The project is coordinated by Agency Apéro GbR.

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