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Island Activities

Who owns the river and how do we envision Stuttgart's future by the river?

The Neckarinsel e.V. develops and organizes various activities that deal with this issue. In addition, the island offers a platform for all those who want to campaign for a local recreation area on the Neckar. You can find an overview under Calendar. Here is a look back at past events:

Island Week

In July 2022, we opened the island for a whole week with a varied program - from network meetings and a trombone choir to a salsa evening.


Simply relax with an island towel, a game, a book or friends and everything else you need for a relaxing Sunday. On a number of Sundays, we provided the right open-air pool flair with open-air pool fries and sour queues - because unfortunately you can't swim in the Neckar yet. You can find out more at Critical Nass.


We want to create that outdoor pool feeling on the Neckar.

We want to reclaim the Neckar as a local recreation area.

Knowledge Basis

Here you will find our knowledge bases for the various activities

Knowledge Pool


Neckarinsel e.V.

Participation / Collaboration

Would you like to get involved, support us or initiate a collaboration?
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