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Research Station

The Research Station is our base on the Neckarinsel. From here you can research, discover and exchange ideas.

The Research Station consists of a meeting module and a storage module in the form of two converted containers, framed by a large wooden terrace. Solar panels and a battery supply electricity. Since last summer, the station has also been expanded to include a water cycle including water treatment - starting with a constructed wetland on the roof. Further filter stages, such as a sand filter and a photocatalytic reactor, are already being planned. In future, measuring sensors will be used to measure and compare the water quality after all purification stages. This will make the station self-sufficient by 2024.


We would like to offer a place to go for anyone who wants to experiment on the Neckar.

We would like to use the research station as an experimental model to outline the future use of resources on the river.

Knowledge Basis

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Etienne, Yannik, Juliana, Wiebke, Linda, Beatrice, Andrea, Johannes, Amelie, Mara, Julius, Chris, Jakob, Dagmar, Johanna K., Raphael, Rosa, Simon, Philipp, Helena, Luca, Max

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