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Open Island

Are you ready for the island? Then grab your picnic blanket, plenty of water and sunscreen and visit us on the Neckarinsel. Everyone is welcome! Our large terrace and a sunbathing area in the middle of the Neckar invite you to relax.

Opening hours
From April to October - depending on the weather, the island is open from 13:00. You can call the island phone for information at any time.

We always have water on a donation basis. You are welcome to bring whatever you need for a nice day on the island. There is a public toilet nearby, on the town beach.

Additional formats take place on some Sundays. You can find an overview under Calendar.


We want to show what a Neckar recreational area can look like.

We want to create a place to stay on the Neckar.

Knowledge Basis

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Neckarinsel e.V.

Participation / Collaboration

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