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Critical Nass

Welcome to the Critical Nass

Together we dare to take the collective step from the Neckar island onto the river! You may not be allowed to swim in the Neckar, but canoeing is almost as much fun. You can join in with SUPs, canoes and anything that floats - the main thing is that we fill the river with life. If you don't have your own equipment, you can hire some on site. Participation is only possible with registration.


We put a registration form online before every Critical-Nass. It's best to check out our Instagram channel so you don't miss anything. All Critical Nass dates are also listed in our calendar.


We have a certain number of SUPs and canoes that you can hire. These are kindly made available to us by SEEZEIT. You can reserve a rental SUP/canoe via our registration form. If no SUP/canoe can be selected in the form, this means that everything has already been rented.


We want to get people excited about the Neckar.

Together with politicians, we would like to lift the ban on bathing on the Neckar in the Stuttgart district and create a shared use of the river that is also compatible for shipping.

We want to encourage people to use the Neckar.

Knowledge Basis

Here you can find our knowledge bases for this format

Knowledge Pool


Linus Köstler, Yannik Plachtzik, Marc Röcker, Linus Geiss, Helen Schweickhardt, Felix Plachtzik, Elmer Gutierrez

Participation / Collaboration

Would you like to take part in Critical Nass, support us or initiate a collaboration?
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